Back on the Horse

Since the arrival of my precious daughter, I’ve not been writing. As is often the case, following an interruption to a routine, it can be very difficult to get started again. Well, here we go: I’m back to blogging.

I’d rather not make excuses, but by way of explanation for my absence perhaps I’ll just briefly describe my new life as a father. There are, of course, the entertaining moments of listening to my daughter make new sounds and seeing her do new things. She usually greets me with a big smile when I come home from work. I’d rather reserve details about her in a place away from the internet, though, lest she stumble upon this blog in nine years’ time and gets annoyed with me. For me, it’s just unbelievable how much less time and energy I have. I know, I know… All parents will warn parents-to-be about this. But it really is different when you live it. It’s been difficult for me to find the time to go and exercise even once a week until just recently.

I find it difficult to remember my life before having a kid, actually. But this is the way it is with me (and probably most people) – after a significant life change, I can’t really fathom what I was like as a person prior to the change.

Since this is a blog about simple* lifestyles, one thing I’d like to mention is that the tiredness from being a new parent really wears down one’s ability to make what I would consider to be rational, reasoned decisions about expenditure. I don’t want to buy all this new baby-centric stuff and fill up my house with things I’ll only need for three months or less before I realise baby doesn’t need it, want it, or grows out of it. Still, given the constraints on my time and a reduction in willpower flowing from the lack of sleep, it becomes very, very difficult to avoid ‘buying solutions’ despite my best intentions. I think it could be worse – the baby’s a long way from sending us bankrupt – but I do still worry that cleaning up this place for our next move is going to be more difficult than it ought to be.

…and although I’m visiting home for Christmas, which will be a wonderful time to reunite with family, I’m dreading just a teensy bit what might be an avalanche of baby presents. That sounds horribly ungrateful. It is horribly ungrateful. I feel bad. Actually, before I became an expat two years ago people in my family did get the message that my wife and I were making our lives more mobile and didn’t want or need ‘stuff’ to weigh us down, so this is all probably a problem I’m making up in my head. So I’ll stop worrying about it and just look forward to the summer sun and being in the company of family again.

*Well, to hedge my language and be realistic, perhaps I should just say ‘simpler’.


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