A year without a car

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I’ve successfully gone for a year with no car. I don’t feel this is really a grand achievement, since Switzerland is generally pretty damn good with public transport. That said, the regional and intercity trains are expensive. Nevertheless, it’s been a great exercise in patience. As I said in an earlier post, there may be some things that are different over the Röstigraben, but buses here does not always run on time. Plus, the timetables change multiple times a year, every time school holidays roll around the frequency gets reduced and then bumped up when they end.

Of course I’d like to pretend that I’m some kind of eco-warrior but really I’m thinking more of the opportunity cost of having ten to twenty grand of my capital tied up in a rapidly depreciating asset, when the public transport here services most of my needs adequately. Still, taking close to an hour to journey the six kilometres to work does wear me down. For this reason I’ve picked up a new toy, and I’m going to become one of those badass scooter commuters. Well, maybe. I’ll do a lengthier post on scooting around later.

No car leaves me with fewer hassles like parking, petrol costs, registration, servicing, and all the other things that make car ownership a joy. Of course, it’s traded for things like less flexibility and lengthier travel times. Still, while I’ve been here it’s been working out just fine. I don’t miss driving at all. I can admit I’d like the flexibility of a car, but making sure I schedule my time and holiday travel appropriately is a good exercise in discipline all of itself.


One thought on “A year without a car

  1. I do not have a car (I live in Canada) and rely on the public transportation or walking. Many people are down-looking for me not having a car but it is certainly doable. Also it allows me to have a piece of mind (no parking fees, no looking for parking permits etc.) as well as to save money. I think it is the best thing that I have ever done. many friends of mine rent a car every once a while if they need to go places or shop at distant places. you seem to be doing good without acra as well – keep going 🙂

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