Away from home

So I missed an update last week. It’s been a busy few. DW has sailed off to visit parents, so I’ll be living a dirty bachelor life for a few weeks.

This raises a subject that is difficult to reconcile with ‘simple expat life,’ and that is family relations. With my family in one country, DW’s family in another, and our life in a third, well, it makes for a difficult situation all around. I don’t have a lot to say on the matter right now. I’m still pretty new at this expat business, so perhaps I’ll tackle it later down the line.

One of the few things I’ll note is that I suppose extricating oneself from family relationships does, to some degree, count as simplification. But whether it’s the good kind of simplification (something that allow you to focus on the important things) or a bad kind of simplification (removing an important thing) depends on your personal circumstances. In our family, relationships are pretty good all-around so I don’t particularly think losing out on family interaction is a good method of simplifying life. Still, I imagine that Skype, Viber, and such make this living abroad gig a lot more convenient than it used to be, insofar as regular contact with relatives is cheap and accessible.


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