Things I did today to simplify my life #1

nothing much
Today I said no to a few things that would take up my time and my money. I’m sure I would have enjoyed them, but I judged it too taxing on my mental bandwidth. I declined two offers for weekend activities – one for sightseeing and lunch, and one for a sporting activity. While it would have been feasible to accomplish both, one of the activities would have meant being occupied every single weekend over the course of a month. Having some clear weekends is, to my mind, necessary for me to stay balanced and feel unstressed. The other would have meant being active non-stop for nearly a whole week, since the date backed onto a planned holiday for which I need to catch an early flight. The activity would be fun, but the tiredness and exhaustion while I’m trying to enjoy my holiday – not so much.

Unlike some people, though, I don’t think my primary difficulty is saying ‘no’ to an activity. It’s remaining focused on whether or not I would have enjoyed it after I’ve declined. Let it go…

Do you find it difficult to say no and make space for unfilled time in your calendar?


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