The very first post

swiss path

Hi, my name’s Ben and I’m trying to simplify my life here in Switzerland.

I’ve started and abandoned a number of blogs in the past, and I’m not sure if this one will be any different. I was musing recently on my failings to simplify my life, and I thought that perhaps a remedy for this negativity might be actually keeping a record of the steps I’m taking to live a slower and more mindful lifestyle. This way I can look back and have a more accurate record of my progress, my successes, and yes, my many failures. Perhaps with this I can focus on and evaluate what is and isn’t working.

I live in Geneva, a center for the work of peace and diplomacy in the world. I have a lovely wife, and we’re expecting our family to expand soon. I work a fairly staid job with an international focus and satisfactory salary. I have a great many interests, in fact, possibly too many to really devote an appropriate amount of attention to. As a shortlist I’ll cite judo, bushwalking (hiking), and going to see live music.

I mentioned my failures at simplifying my life. I’ve been interested in Slow Living, Financial Independence (FI) and Minimalism for a few years now, but I still feel my life has too much clutter, I’m still too dependent on my job, and I don’t have enough time to focus on self-development. With that said, I have also had quite a few successes. Fairly recently, I calculated my passive income and I can safely say that it’s high enough now to cover the grocery bills each week. I moved from Australia to Switzerland at the very end of last year and in the process got rid of a huge amount of clutter (I didn’t want to ship it across the planet!). But there’s still much more to do.

The plan for this blog is to update once a week. Just this week, I started a habit of taking some time out of my relentless news- and social media-checking to just write a few paragraphs and I’ve managed to stay with it for a whole week. So with this mild success, I will now resolve to spend some time on a blog post or two and keep to a regular update schedule, which is something I’ve never done before.

Although I think most of my material will flow from my successes and failures at slowing down and simplifying my life, I would also like to discuss some deeper thoughts on consumerism and the economy. As an economics professional, perhaps I can bring some insight in these matters to the slow, FI, and minimalism movements.

Welcome to my new blog, and thanks for reading.


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